I was born in Treviso, the 05/02/1984.

I grow up between Treviso and my adored Venice, where I graduated in 2007.
I started my photography experience with music photography, where time to shoot is always to short, and where the main challenge is always to capture the right moment.

I love details and be concentrated on people’s expressiveness when they really don’t expected it.

I love to describe my photography as a mix of flavors, competence and a pinch of craziness. I'm an incurable romantic!

Black and White is my favorite color. It makes imagination more free and shadows more defined and tidy.
I do really love meet new people, listen to music, eat Ice Cream and the Seventies.

I live in a little town near Treviso, Italy. I work around Veneto and everywhere is needed.
My bag is always ready.

For my complete works please visit:
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